The Undead Emerges In A New Webseries Teaser For STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION!

Rising martial arts action star and actor Alain Moussi is ready to break ground next year with his debut starring role in John Stockwell's Kickboxer: Vengeance next year. However, it appears he'll be beating the streets as well with the forthcoming release of director Joey Ansah's latest foray into Capcom territory with Street Fighter: Resurrection, a new webseries which premieres in March of next year courtesy of Machinima.

The series follows the accolades already well earned by Ansah for his immersive work on last year's hit series and film edit for Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist prior to announcements for Street Fighter: World Warrior. There aren't any details on the latter, but with Street Fighter: Resurrection on the rise, fans can expect their favorites like Mike Moh and Christian Howard to reprise their roles of Ryu and Ken once more along with several characters from the upcoming game making headlines this week at Capcom Cup 2015 where the new teaser made its premiere.

Catch it below along with the first official image, both of Moussi in the role of the undead character, Nash, and let's hope we get some more meaty content in due time!


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