STAR TREK: BEYOND Gets A Fast And Furious New Trailer!

Well, so much for debuting this Friday in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The new trailer for Star Trek: Beyond, is alive and well, and VERY early having initially sprung a leak on Monday in German. Alas, clearly releasing it online officially was the only solution so now it's up, in English and subbed accordingly by Paramount on Youtube for an all-inclusive promo dig.

The film is also directed by Justin Lin and judging by the trailer, the film clearly picks up on the beats that made Lin so well known for his work behind the camera on Universal's Fast And Furious franchise. Chris Pine stars with Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban as our BFFs aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as it embarks on its five-year mission following 2013's much darker and bleaker 'Into Darkness' from Abrams. To that affect, the tone seen here is lighter and energetic and it looks like a fantastic third outing is on the way.

Jon Cho, Zoë Saldana and Simon Pegg are also among the returning cast with kick-ass actress Sofia Boutella, and actors Joe Taslim and Idris Elba. Watch the trailer below!


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