South Texas Breeds A New Hero In The New Indiegogo Push For Director Michael S. Moore's EL GATO NEGRO: PREY

Cornered webseries helmer, Austin-based filmmaker Michael S. Moore is currently in the good graces of quite a few companies now eyeing his latest endeavors toward a new superhero short film. This one, however, is cut from a cloth entirely seperate from the mainstream with El Gato Negro: Prey, based on creator Richard Dominguez's premiere print in 1993 which gained populaity until its end in 1996.

Alas, a new compilation print is in the works next year and Moore has a significant and worthwhile interest, as well as tremendous and rare opportunity, in bringing a Latino superhero into the mix of today's superhero movie craze. Granted if it bodes well for its audience, then it leaves plenty of room for a potential series at networks such as El Rey, or even a feature film. However, and with Moore having earned his fair bit of attention from his latest webseries a la Kiai-Kick Films, he's still going to need your help.
In this short film directed by Michael S Moore (Cornered) a young boy named Angel Reyes and his father Ramon are in grave danger when some of El Graduado’s men come to collect on some merchandise, and when those items come missing, only the return of a legendary Texas superhero can save them…


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