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Vengeance runs in the family. #Extraction starring Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz, and Gina Carano is coming to theaters and on demand December 18.
Posted by Extraction on Friday, November 20, 2015

Actor Kellan Lutz's post-Twilight career is flourishing pretty nicely. His progression s not as big nor as soon as one may have hoped, though it helps that he's starred in a number of decent films to date, most notably Conor Allyn's 2013 thriller, Java Heat in which he plays an AWOL solider in search of a terrorist. Such a film bodes nicely with a resumé that even accomodates a small leading role in an Expendables movie, and here and now following suit, his latest lead role in Steven C. Miller's new film, Extraction.

The story takes off with Lutz in the role of Harry Turner a government agent in training whose career in the CIA remains inexplicably stagnant amid an even more rigid relationship with his veteran government agent father, Leonard (Bruce Willis). Soon enough, the story unfolds when Harry learns that his father's life is in danger in the wake of an off-the-book's mission to retrieve a powerful cyberweapon that can wipe out the world, a mission being advised by special agent and Leonard's longtime friend, Ken (D.B. Sweeney). Despite the wishes of his superiors and with the reluctant help of a former flame - a special agent hired to bring Harry in, Victoria (Gina Carano), Harry has less than twenty four hours to retrieve his father and the weapon.

The film is pretty fast moving and sticks to as many key pivotal moments to make sure things don't slow down, although it risks having just a few moments where it gets difficult to keep up. As a result, there isn't much to work with for our lead characters from start to finish, although Lutz and Carano do their best with what they have and it adds up just fine.

Huge credit goes to Max Adams and Umair Aleem who wrote the script and offered plenty of surprises and room for Lutz and Carano to turn in some good performances for such a fast-paced story, and even some fun moments for Carano. Lutz handles his role quite adequately as yet another character in a straightforward action movie and even bodes nicely alongside Willis who still manages to deliver a notable performance no matter how sleepy he looks. Actress Lydia Hull gets a supporting role in the film as Denise, a friend of Victoria's who aids them in the course of their mission; it's a role that gets a little silly from time to time but it's also one that proves useful and sexy when required, making things quite a bit interesting for one of the other female starring leads.

The action, of course, is key here and most of our principal actors do a great job keeping up, including Carano as she brings her usual signature badassery which is certainly an imaginable challenge to do in high heels. Simon Rhee coordinated the action sequences for the film and showcases some stellar fight performances from our cast, including a key sequence between Lutz and martial artist and actor Ilram Choi.

Actor Joshua Mikel plays the role of Drake, and while he's not the main villain of the film, he does keep things afloat on the antagonist end of things, especially since we don't learn much about who the bad guys are in the first half of the film - only that they have Bruce Willis and they want him dead for some reason. That stated, what we get is a pretty cunning script that results in a number of rewarding surprises by the finale.

The end leaves things off a little more shallow than preferred, but still manages to help bring things full circle for a low-budget action thriller that ultimately proves it can carry itself. Extraction is slick, fast-paced and thrilling to watch and will still leave you wanting more from Carano, and especially Lutz who deserves every winning chance at an action thriller that comes his way.

Extraction opens in limited theaters and on Digital HD and iTunes on December 18!


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