SAMURAI JACK Returns In 2016

After eleven years, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is making probably one of the biggest and most delightfully surprising revivals for its viewers with the return of the hit show, Samurai Jack. The show, created by Genndy Tartakovsky and featuing voice actor Phil LaMarr in the lead role, originally lasted four seasons following the story of Jack, samurai warrior spirited away into the future where a shapeshifting demon named Aku now rules all, setting Jack on a quest to find his way back to feudal Japan and stop Aku to save the future.

The show became an award-winning feat for the Primetime Emmys and in Ottawa prior to its unfortunate cancellation in 2004 much to the chagrin of beloved fans, even in the wake of its existence in comics with some fans contributing their own faithful cinematic renditions of the animated series like the one in this link.
Wednesday's teaser announcement marks the show's Adult Swim premiere via Toonami next year following its currently-active production in L.A. Check out the six-second announcement below!


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