Sakaguchi Tak Is Faster Than A Speeding Bullet In The First Teaser For RE:BORN

It's been a glorious era for fans of Japanese action star and actor Sakaguchi Tak who has all but earned his cult-acclaim in a variety of independent, low budget jidaigeki and action horror features, several of them award-winning in the process. The most noted of them all is director Kitamura Ryuhei's hit film, Versus, which drew its high profile standing with Sakaguchi and the stylings of action director and stuntman Shimomura Yuji who also has a few directorial credits of his own, including Sakaguchi's 2005 hit, Death Trance.

Alas, things now come full-circle in lieu of Sakaguchi's retirement with the latest teaser for Re:Born, biproduct of stunt and film production companies Worsal and U'den Flame Works. There's no plot or story yet available except for what's being hinted within various images on the official Facebook page for the film itself. Nevertheless, Sakaguchi makes his final bow in what looks to be a stunning and definitive foray into action cinema for fans of the genre, with special thanks to Zero Range Combat expert Inagawa Yoshitaka providing his insight on CQC fight choreography to help set the proper mood.

Rounding out the cast are Ishida Issei, Saito Takumi, Shinoda Mariko, Hasebe Hitomi, Otsuka Akio, Kondo Yura and Kato Masaya for the film's 2016 release. In the meantime, the teaser has been waiting in the wings since around August, but it's officially online now, so enjoy and breathe it all in.


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