Akagawa Jiro's preceding and highly popular 1978 literary inspiration for director Somai Shinji's 1981 film, Sailor Suit And Machine Gun, has stood the test of time. Thus, with a March 5, 2016 due date, Kadokawa is ready to reinvigorate the fanbase once more with Maeda Koji now at the helm for next year's offering, Salior Suit And Machine Gun: Graduation.

Actress Hashimoto Kanna has since inherited Toei's cult character favorite, Hoshi Izumi, with a script by Takada Ryo that now sees our female protagonist potentially embedded in a conspiracy by the authorities in the wake of a new drug. If you're at all familar with the prior film or its 2006 TV network follow-up on TBS, hopefully this latest one leaves a little something special for you, particularly with the revival of the original theme song and Hoshi's classic expression at the end of the trailer. Alas, you be the judge.

18-year-old high school girl Izumi once inherited leadership of a four-man yakuza gang, the Medaka Group. The group disbanded after a failed raid on the rival Hamaguchi gang. With graduation coming up, Izumi resumed her life as a high school student. When her friends are caught in a scam by a fake modeling agency, and a dangerous new drug called ‘Cookie’ turns up at her school, Izumi investigates. When she questions the Hamaguchi boss, he in turn suspects the Medaka of drug dealing. Are the authorities trying to clean up the town by provoking a turf war? Izumi's friends are targeted one after another. Swearing to protect the town and its inhabitants, she becomes boss of the Medaka gang once more.


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