Peep The Exclusive DVD And Blu-Ray Art For Isaac Florentine's CLOSE RANGE

Director Isaac Florentine's latest action thriller, Close Range is right around the corner with a VoD and limited theatrical release later this week. For those, however, interested in owning their very own DVD or Blu-Ray copy, your day will arrive accordingly on January 5, 2016, and as such, the artwork can now be viewed in the album below.

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Martial arts action star Scott Adkins leads the action packed thriller from a script by Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor about a former soldier whose problems worsen following the rescue of his niece, ensuing in a homefront battle of bullets and fisticuffs with a small army led by an evil crimeboss and a courrpt sheriff. Jeremy Marinas co-stars and directs the action sequences for this latest title from XLrator Media's Turbo label, and if you're curious about how the film delivers, our very own James Couche had a few opportunities to engage this film, one of which includes contributing his own review which you may read by clicking here; The second opportunity is...a surprise, so watch this space for more details and updates ahead!


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