Fans are days away from the upcoming airing of the new origin spin-off, Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. The first season has been running on Netflix for the past year from creator John Fusco and with a second season now pending, we have actor Tom Wu set to reprise his role as the blind warrior monk whose employ within Kublai Khan's court proves pivotal in the thickening plot of the first season.

As for Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes, the new program airs this Saturday and will introduce a key glimpse into the origins of the character which will now be joined by none other than actress Michelle Yeoh who can be seen in a new still below:
Yeoh's presence marks the second in the show's existence of notable faces in martial arts action following actor Collin Chou's cameo apprarance in the first season. Whatever happens this Saturday, expect an arsenal of hardcore drama and hard-hitting kung fu action to ensue accordingly.

Yeoh will next appear in February for the Netflix release of Yuen Woo-Ping's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny, also from a script by Fusco.


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