Mathis Landwehr Is Not Here To Play In The New Trailer For Survival Thriller, IMMIGRATION GAME

Shortfilm director Krystof Zlatnik first landed on our radar with the dystopian sci-fi pitch, Land Of Giants. It reinvigorated fandom once more for German martial arts star, actor Mathis Landwehr who has also been making the rounds from time to time in both stunts as well as leading roles following his role in the 2005 winning dystopian kung fu thriller, Kampfansage: Der Letzte Schuler.

Nowadays, you'll find both Zlatnik and Landwehr circling headlines for their latest pairing, Immigration Game, with Landwehr starring as a man trapped in a deadly game of survival in front of an online audience in an alternate future Berlin where refugees are hunted for sport. The action isn't as stylish as the overall tone and vision per se, but you still get Landwehr in a role that surely grants him an audience that loves both seething drama, sci-fi, suspense, and a story that gets a few punches thrown.

Zlatnik wrote the script with co-writer Mark Wachholz prior to the film's fourteen-day shoot back in November and with the new year right around the corner, we now have a first trailer you can view below! (h/t: Mareike Kruger for the link!)


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