MARCO POLO Wraps Filming For Season 2!

I've only recently taken notice of the first few episodes of the Netflix original series, Marco Polo starring Lorenzo Richelmy. Granted many of you already have, otherwise Netflix probably wouldn't have ordered an upcoming special central to co-star Tom Wu's character later this month, much less a second season as they did back in January.

As such, creator John Fusco’s tale of Marco Polo’s journey continues once more with word that season two has officially wrapped for 10 all-new episodes of next year. The Netflix original series pits Richelmy at the very whim of Kublai Khan amid a world of greed, treachery, lust, intrigue and danger in every dark and salacious corner of Khan's 13th century world.

Fun times! My weekend is ready.

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes premieres on December 26, 2015. Stay tuned for more information and updates on season 2 of Marco Polo!


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