IP MAN 3 Enters The 1950's With New Character Posters

For as long as nearly anyone can remember, the folks over at Well Go USA are all-in when it comes to Asian cinema of the action variety. As such, they're here to remind you of exactly that with the forthcoming release of the new film, Ip Man 3, featuring action star and actor Donnie Yen who has carried the role for up to seven years and put all sorts of Wing Chun ass-kickery on the map in spades.

Lynn Xiong joins as Ip Man's wife along with a much more diverse cast that broadens the universe of good guys and baddies in the martial world that our title hero has to face, namely including former Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. Max Zhang also stars as the principle antagonist we will likely see in the final fight opposite Yen in a story that pits our mild-mannered grandmaster against local Triads, courrpt businessmen, and a Wing Chun expert with his own opinions on the grandmaster's skillset.

We'll learn just who it is will win that fight when the film releases throughout Asia beginning this Christmas with further rollouts in the U.K. and the U.S. in January. In the meantime, check out two sets of 50's-themed posters for the film below, including those for Well Go USA's release on January 22, 2016!

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