Happy Belated Birthday To GOD OF WAR Co-Star Jiang Luxia!

I spent my Christmas weekend catching up on quite a few titles, including Hung Yan Yan's 2008 directorial effort, Coweb (unfortunately granted the U.S. title of Ninja Masters by Lionsgate). The film wasn't exactly the best I've seen save for some of the amazing action sequences, but it's certainly a milestone for actress Jiang Luxia who has continued starring in a fair share of actioners in one role another.

Needless to say, it's quite rewarding that we'll be seeing more of her in 2016, particularly returning among the likes of action director and co-star Sammo Hung for Gordon Chan's The God Of War. Filming is still underway with action star Vincent Zhao joining her fellow Once Upon A Time In Shanghai co-star Hung and fellow action star Kurata Yasuaki with a period story that sees a Ming general and a Shaolin master train an army to fight Japanese pirates on the Eastern coast of China.

As the photo above indicates, Luxia will be partaking in those efforts apart from the photo's actual context which shows the young martial arts wunderkind recently celebrating her 29th birthday on set.

Happy belated birthday Ms. Luxia!


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