GODS OF EGYPT Gets A Second Trailer, Still As White And British As The First

Forget everything you know about Egyptians! Lionsgate has its own version of history up and running with the marketing for director Alex Proyas's new movie, Gods Of Egypt - a film that's already suffering in the press and for good damn reason.

The film is coming out on February 26 with a cast of mostly white actors, along with a Cambodian/French actress and one black actor, and let's face it: it all really goes uphill from there between the film's revisionist approach to an ancient African civilization to some pretty questionable visuals. The new trailer is a slight improvement with regard to the latter, but again, this doesn't account for just how badly this screw up was, and you know that a studio knows it screwed up when it goes on record and apologizes for it.

But...whatever. The new trailer is below.


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