Get A Full Look At Alain Moussi As 'Nash' In STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION

If there was ever any doubt that fighting game characters could be properly translated onto a cinematic platform, multifaceted stuntman and director Joey Ansah disproved it all with last year's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Alas, he's about to do so again with the current production of Machinima's newest venture, Street Fighter: Resurrection, which will tie into the upcoming game release of Street Fighter V with a mix of returning and new characters, including the undead Charlie Nash.

All that and more have thus been revealed with the debut of actor and martial artist Alain Moussi in costume for both the latest teaser and current photos now circulating online. As such, you can now get a full head-to-toe glimpse of Moussi in costume in the newly-released photo below.
Street Fighter: Resurrection is releasing in March next year through Machinima's mobile platform content deal with Verizon's go90, and will serve as a preamble to Ansah's current developmental efforts toward the second serial season, Street Fighter: World Warrior. Actors Mike Moh and Christian Howard are reprising their roles respectively as Ryu and Ken, the iconic wayfarers of the series now journeying the world following their epic journey together as students of the Ansatsuken.

Moussi who has since made his way from a working stuntman in several films will appear next year for his debut lead role in John Stockwell's upcoming reboot, Kickboxer: Vengeance.

Stay tuned!


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