Filming For Kara Hui's Action Thriller, MRS. K, Now Underway

It was back in July that talks circulated of Shaw Bros familiar, Hong Kong actress Kara Hui's 2017 retirement in the wake of what would have been her final film with director Giddeons Ko at the helm. Unfortunately, that script never measured up to censorship standards and remains indefinitely on hold, but that doesn't count Hui out in the least.

Apparently she still has herself invested in at least one more film before retiring in 2017, and as such, Hui, a.k.a. Kara Wai Ying Hung, is officially announced for the lead role in the new action thriller, Mrs. K, with filming now underway in Malaysia. Hui reunites with director Ho Yuhang following their multi-awarded 2009 drama, At The End Of Daybreak, here and now with a story centered on a woman forced to fight and protect her husband and daughter when her past re-emerges. 

Simon Yam is also joining the cast along with, Taiwanese rock star Wu Bai and Malaysian award-winning actor Faizal Hussein with newcomer Siow Li Xuan, veteran action actor Lau Wing, Malaysia's own Dain Said and Hong Kong directors Fruit Chan and Kirk Wong Chi Keung rounding out the cast.

Lina Tan of Red Films and Lorna Tee of Paperheart are backing the production with backing from Hong Kong's Emperor Motion Pictures and Malaysia-based Sonneratia Capital.

via Screendaily:
"We are excited to be in business with Lina and the talented team at Red Films on Mrs K. This is the first film in a slate of films that we will be co-financing with them over the next few years," said Sonneratia Capital group managing director Mike Lake. 
EMP CEO Albert Lee said: "Yuhang is a talented director who has already made some exciting films.  We are confident that he will be breaking more new grounds with this new project".
Further details are abound going i to the new year and yes, it is disappointing this wouldn't mark at least two films before Hui's retirement. I suppose one will do though as Hui has contributed plenty to the genre, most notably in Peter Chan's 2011 period actioner, Wu Xia opposite leading man Donnie Yen which is always worth a watch.

That said, the premise for Mrs. K is nothing new, but I look forward to what Ho, Hui and the cast and crew have to offer. As Hui's last rodeo, I trust Mrs. K isn't going down without a hell of a fight.

Stay tuned!

H/T: Screendaily, Variety


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