EYES OF THE ROSHI Stares Down Danger In The Latest Trailer

Looking to set forth a Virginia Beach premiere ahead of a 2016 release, shortfilm director Jon Mark Nail is on the way with his newest feature debut, Eyes Of The Roshi. Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts headlines the film with a script by Joseph Baum that puts Vietnamese Karate-do expert and Yoga purveyor, Adam Nguyen front and center of a story that reads like a gritty small-town crime Western judging by the trailer that aired back in October.

I would say this particular film looks more contemplative than anything but I'm sort of convinced Nguyen will get plenty of screentime to showcase his physicality for which he is highly heralded for his practice. As for the Bruce Lee comparison in the description below the jump, it sounds like a pretty ambitious sell to purists and fans which might rub off the wrong way. In lieu of this, clearly Nguyen has a skillset that looks worth presenting on film and so the footage may well speak for itself.

EYES OF THE ROSHI is a film about choices. Saigon, 1973.  A boy discovers a dead body on the side of the road.  The decision he makes will haunt him until the end of his days…. 
The boy is grown, and now a fully realized Grandmaster far from his home. Adam Nguyen is a stranger in a strange land. A vengeful billionaire has unleashed a killer, and the fugitive grandmaster must overcome his reluctance, summon his inner warrior, and battle to protect his adopted home, and the ones he loves.  
Light Age Films presents, Eyes of the Roshi, an entertaining movie with authentic karate do, Royal Yoga, and the grandmaster's own Raja teachings. The inspiration and origination of the movie comes from Grandmaster Nguyen's own royal family lineage - a form of yoga and karate do they have been teaching for 1,000 years in Vietnam…and now, America. 
Imagine Bruce Lee lived, and he’s forty years older! Now picture Grandmaster Adam Nguyen!  Real karate. Real Yoga. An intelligent script, and beautiful cinematography will all make Roshi an enjoyable action drama worth seeing again and again.
Jon Pycior and Chris Van Cleave also star. Watch the trailer below and keep your eyes peeled for more news in the coming weeks!


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