Check Out The Latest Trailer For Ghanan Action Crime Thriller, INTERCEPTION!

Today marks the start of a three-day event for co-star and director Pascal Aka's latest crime thriller, Interception. Actor John Dumelo stars with a cast ripe for a film that brims with just the kind of tone that suits fans of action, drama and intrigue, and it's finally making its way in Ghana with an exclusive event screening via Global Cinemas through the weekend.

INTERCEPTION is a law enforcement based movie about a tactical team of highly trained ex-military men (Special Ops Team) who have been handpicked from the Army by the Vice President of Ghana for special assignments.  
The movie follows the team’s lives and work as they are assigned to track down an illegal arms dealer, Nneru Obajinzi, whose shipment was intercepted by the Customs, Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS) while in transit in Ghana. The consignment was on its way to a country called Gemora for the opposition leader to use to stage a coup.  
After the shipment is intercepted, Nneru Obajinzi contacts a rogue Ghanaian businessman Johnny ‘Matador’ Quaynor, to assist him retrieve the consignment; after which, he arrives in Ghana on a private plane, and is later joined by the Opposition Leader, Cobi Lotha, to ensure that the goods are retrieved and forwarded to Gemora.  
The Special Ops Team is able to track down and capture the men but at the expense of the safety of some of their team mates.
Peep the latest trailer and event poster beneath and feel free to learn more about the event HERE.


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