Catch Three Minutes Of Boxing Commentary In A New CREED Featurette

Go and see director Ryan Coogler's latest film, Creed, and you can get a pretty good idea of just why it is he's been the talk of the town for the last few weeks. The film's explosive and riveting delivery of the underdog tale that follows the son of one of the Rocky franchise's most iconic characters has drawn significant attention to the production in lieu of any prospects of a sequel as the film currently stands at well over $60 million gross since its Thanksgiving release.

More to the point, it's shined a light on Coogler for the potential to branch out to Marvel as their newest hopeful to helm the 2018 release of their Phase three staple, Black Panther - perhaps with specific regard to the notion that clearly the award-winning filmmaker of this and his preceding hit film, Fruitvale Station, clearly showcases that he knows how to direct action in some capacity. Those chances are yet to be official as talks progress, but the craze right now is what Coogler brings to his signature filmmaking caliber, and with specific attention to fight choreography for Creed.

Thus, the New York Times has a new short featurette with commentary by Coogler on on a key sequence featuring Jordan and co-star Gabe Rosado that takes place midway through the film. If you feel it's not too much of a spoiler in case you haven't seen it, or if you have seen it and wish to re-live the magic that occurs in a three-minute clip from the amply longer boxing sequence, you can do so at the official NY Times website.


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