Yuen Woo-Ping And Tsui Hark To Remake Kung Fu Classic, MIRACLE FIGHTERS

If Hollywood and the industry throughout can remake classic TV, film and comic book properties, then China and Hong Kong can dip into its own history of titles to explore all the same. Action legend and auteur Tsui Hark has been doing so off-and-on with his latest, director Derek Yee's Sword Master, which has been making the rounds at the American Film Market with Distribution Workshop.

As such, and now in the good graces of the team led by legendary action savant, Master Yuen Woo-Ping, a remake of Master Yuen's 1982 kung fu comedy classic, Miracle Fighters is now on the way with casting currently pending. The film was his seventh directorial offering following a brewing early film career in the sixties and is one of a trilogy with the first, set in the Qing dynasty where a forbidden marriage ensues an epic hunt for a general who kidnaps and accidentally kills the Emperor's son, followed by his young adopted infant's mission many years later to conqueror a sorcerors' contest with the help of two butting magicians to confront the Emperor and claim his vengeance.

Miracle Fighters marks the latest in a history of collaborations between the two which namely include Daniel Lee's stylish Jet Li vehicle, Black Mask and Hark's sequel thereafter, along with Iron Monkey, Once Upon A Time In China 2 and Zu Warriors. Yuen, whose most recent directorial serving with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: Sword Of Destiny arrives next year, is back in the director's chair with Hark will producing via his Film Workshop banner. Production is slated for March ahead of a 2017 release.


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