You Might Cut Your Self With The Latest Trailers And Poster Slate For Xu Haofeng's THE MASTER

Following its teaser back in July, two new trailers have finally surfaced for acclaimed author and screenwriter Xu Haofeng's latest, The Master. Noted for his work behind such contemplative martial arts films such as Judge Archer and The Sword Identity, Xu's new film doesn't appear to steer too far from the same hard-edged tones in story and action which looks favorably good for fans thusfar.

Rising star Fan Liao fan leads the film based on Xu's "Hiding Behind The Blade" anthology publication with a story centered on the early 20th century turmoil in China's clandestined world of Wushu, and one man's conflict of personal ethics with the rules of martial arts. All details aside, however, moviegoers are bound to enjoy some pretty thrilling martial arts sequences judging by the new trailers which clearly evokes just how serious Wushu was for its time. With weapons like these, everyone is playing for keeps.

Also starring are Song YangJia SongLi XiaHuang Jue and Chin Shih-Chieh. The film just finished making the rounds at the American Film Market this week thanks to Golden Network Asia Ltd and is now on track for a China release on December 11.

Watch the new trailers below courtesy of Filmsmash and check out a slew of new posters just beneath.

The Master Trailer 2 by filmsmashsite

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