Watch The U.S. Trailer For Kim Bong-Joo's Latest, THE PHONE!

Kim Bong-Joo made his directorial debut late last month with the new suspense thriller, The Phone, even beating out the Martian on its opening weekend. So it's pretty inviting in lieu of its current North American release now pending for November 13, and for this, a new trailer has surfaced courtesy of CJ Entertainment USA.

“What happens when you’re given an opportunity to change what occured 1 year ago?”  
May 16, 2014: A murdered woman’s body found in the neighborhood of Seo Cho Dong. After one year of grieving over his wife’s atrocious death, Dong-Ho receives a call in 2015…from his very own murdered wife! Through this unexpected call from the past, Dong-Ho receives one dire chance to change what happened and put everything back to place. He enters a thrilling battle against time to rescue his wife and live without regret. 
Son Huyn-Joo, Uhm Ji-Won and Bae Sung-Woo star. Watch the trailer below!


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