Watch Marko Zaror Swing Into Action As ZAMBO DENDE In A New Pre-Viz Clip

Riccardo Gabrielli R's latest action superhero short, Zambo Dende, is still further down the pipeline and there's no telling when it will arrive. Nevertheless it guarantees Chilean action star Marko Zaror screentime as a Latin American superhero in an era of film largely boosted by superhero movie fandom, much to the credit of author and creator Nicolas Rodriguez.

Keep this in mind as you watch the latest pre-vizualizing of action for the new shortfilm which features our cast with their respective makeshift weaponry opposite Zaror as he spearheads the action, choreographed righteously by Larnell Stovall. Action talent and actress Michelle Lee cracks the whip with Tate Fletcher swinging a big axe and action legend Darren Shahlavi touting two fused pistols and trading blows of his own.

Normally footage like this is kept under wraps until further down the line when a concept is fully realized but hopefully the release of this video so early doesn't hinder that.


  1. i love al my #ZamboDende actors!!! hope see all of you very soon!!!!


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