Vinnie Jones Doesn't Need Protecting In The New Trailer For KILL KANE

Adam Stephen Kelly is off to an otherwise seemingly terrific start with his directorial debut, Kill Kane. Gridlocked co-star Vinnie Jones makes his way in this latest revenge offering leaves a reasurring impression as a family man out to avenge his loved ones. 

A tentative 2016 release is in store by 4Digital Media as of its acquisition earlier in the Spring. As such, a new trailer is out and Jones clearly continues to show the gravitas here for a tough protagonist who isn't the one who needs protecting, but very much the other way around for our villains.

In an explosive story of urban violence, family man Ray Brookes (Vinnie Jones) seeks revenge when his wife and children are murdered by infamous gangsters. Unable to place his faith in the justice system and with nothing left to lose, he turns vigilante and stalks the streets, on the hunt for those who robbed him of a future.

Watch the trailer and keep your eyes open for a release date.


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