Vin Diesel Announces A Fourth RIDDICK Film And TV Series, FURIA

Go back as far as 2013 in lieu of actor Vin Diesel's then-forthcoming sci-fi follow-up, Riddick, and you'll read good and plenty about all that was hyped for the future of the franchise stemming from the 2000 film, Pitch Black. Director David Twohy has been with the franchise ever since then, even having written and directed the last two, with Riddick gracefully earning over $98 million dollars after The Chronicles Of Riddick flopped in 2004.

Needless to say, things have been fortunate for Diesel and Twohy, with a franchise newly revamped and reinvigorated for greater prospects and as such, will now include a forth live-action Riddick film, and a TV series from a shingle under Diesel's One Race Productions banner. Diesel made the announcement on Instagram a few days ago:

I think it's fair to say that ideas for Diesel's iconic sci-fi character have continually evolved over the years: From a nefarious criminal with surgically enhanced eyes that allow him to see at night, to an anti-hero on a journey of self-rediscovery that leads him to his orgins as the known last of an alien race, all in a sprawling intergalactic adventure of an anti-heroic wanderer who clashing with mercenaries, nomads, god-like warlords and creatures, and searing hot planets with deadly temperatures.

Yes, there's a lot to run on, though it's been a bumpy run for the franchis since Pitch Black. Riddick's success was a dead-on necessity and were it not for his millions of fans on social media and counting playing the role they did, Diesel probably would have been homeless.

And so it goes, with Riddick a success a fourth live-action film and a TV show now in the form of Furia in developmemt, clearly Diesel and Co. have some creative space to work with; This after the billion dollar success story of Furious Seven for Diesel which and what lies ahead for that franchise as well, fortunately, also guarantees that work space be under a roof, preferably.

Stay tuned for more info.


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