THE MONKEY KING 2 Unveils Its Heroes And Villain In New Character Posters

With director Soi Cheang's 2014 fantasy flick, The Monkey King, grossing well over $180 million globally last year and drawing huge franchise potential, clearly the way was paved for a sequel.

Thus, with actor Donnie Yen branching out, the mantle is now left to action choreographer Sammo Hung and actor and singer Aaron Kwok, no stranger to action films and certainly no less familiar to the mythology the new film continues, having previously portrayed the Bull Demon King in last year's film opposite Yen. As such, we now have a full glimpse of Kwok in full garb for The Monkey King 2 ahead of its 3D release on Feburary 8 in time for the Chinese New Year.

Accordingly, the new character poster slate also features Feng Shaofeng as the Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, comedian Xiao Shenyang in the role of humanoid pig Zhu Bajie, Law Chung-him in the role of water demon Sha Wujing, and the ever-gorgeous Gong Li as villainous the White-Bone Demon, and others.

Check out the posters below!

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