THE MONKEY KING 2 Gets Its First Teaser!

It's great to see that director Soi Cheang's return to the helm for next year's 3D endeavor, The Monkey King 2, only took two years to arrive. The fact that the first film became such a box office hit in 2014 undoubtedly plays a role in that, but with its initial actor, Donnie Yen out of the picture, it's returning actor Aaron Kwok, no longer the Bull Demon King he was but now in costume as our title hero based on Chinese folklore.

Alas, the first teaser has arrived and not only to we get a look at a few of our actors in action, but we get a couple of great up-close shots of Kwok in all those layers of Monkey King make-up. Time will tell how this one goes but the visuals look great and has a damn good director, and Sammo Hung designed the action sequences, so put this one on your wishlist for 2016 when it comes out.


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