THE HIT LIST - November 9, 2015

Another crazy weekend has passed, but that didn't mean I would make an effort to bring you another action-packed Hit List for the week! That said, Sunday was pretty exhausting, and in case you're just tuning in, it was for a pretty gnarly reason!...

For now though, let's catch up on the action with a brand new list of stunt reels for the week, courtesy of Phai Pratchaya, Josh Fried, Joshua Zacharias, Beekeo Levan, Brett Easton, Josh Grant and Hayley Wright and Cassie Lee Minnick. The playlist caps it all off with a fully-loaded new reel by Kicktionary author Eric Jacobus sporting his best TEKKEN-inspired leg work!

I actually wanted to include this next video into the fight list but it's actually so silly and unique it deserved a spot all its own. Alvin Chon operates the lens in collaboration with LBP for Classic Man, a video which not only speaks highly of performers Nate Hitpas and Tony Vittorioso, but also reveals just how much fun Chon had with this one. Maybe it was a little too much fun. Classic indeed.

Up next is this week's list of test fights and short bits. First on the list is an experimental piece from Evan Taylor with some interesting gun/bayonet choreography, perfect for R-rated style action, followed by Bryan Sloyer's stylish and slick new Korean action homage, The Company Man From Nowhere, and the daring new pre-viz fight footage for Zambo Dende with Marko Zaror on point.

Delving just a bit into sci-fi territory, there are two new shortfilms online worth presenting. Hat tip to Twitchfilm for the first, Singularity, which focuses on a military op to retrieve the President with America's captiol under siege by armed and deadly robots. Samuel Jorgensen directs this one several years in the making and fully crowdfunded with the goal of a feature film that lends a nod to Terminator and Aliens, and looks absolutely fantastic as a result.

The second hails from from director Sam Balcomb whose latest, Metroid: The Sky Calls, is now host to just under a million views since its release online a week ago. Nerdist's own Jessica Chobot stars in the title role inspired by the classic Nintendo game in a project crafted exquisitely to pay homage to sci-fi tropes of yesteryear in a way that would make James Cameron and Ridley Scott proud. It just works.


Time to get back into the martial arts millieu, and for this, we now have two brand spanking new trailers circulating, and the first up comed by way of the one and only Larnell Stovall. Following an earlier career in stunts, he landed the action horror sci-fi hit shortfilm, Steel, the brainchild of his fandom for graphic novels and comic book lore which earned him a few breakout victories during the 2007 Action On Film Festival. Since then there's no question that Stovall has kept up a high-quality career in projects world wide, bringing him in the throes of some of today's best action talents, namely Vlad Rimburg and The Raid franchise helmer Gareth Evans who just completed the first step in ultimate hype for Stovall's 2016 arrival, Steel 2.

The second trailer comes from actor and up-and-comer Emilien De Falco, who I have had the pleasure of covering a time or two on my blog in a few shorts. This time he returns for the upcoming January 2016 short, Rage, from director Jonathan Cocco. This one looks full of thrills and vengeance with just the kind of action martial arts fans will love, and I will do my best to follow up on this one.

Enjoy the trailers!

"STEEL 2" sample..
Thank you to all the talented martial artist who constantly put out cool shorts/fight videos. You reminded me that while doing movies for studios is cool and all dont forget to take care of your own passion projects also. Thanks to everyone who helped, believed in this and who will be kicking my ass real soon. Produced and approved by some F***er named... Gareth EvansVladislav Rimburg Marko Zaror Marrese Crump RIP Darren Shahlavi I got you bro and will finish this.. Xavier Q Kantz Greg Krupka Craig Baumgarten 87eleven Action Design Brendon Huor Kim Do Ken QuituguaTime to give this the attention it truly deserves and dust off these old kicks..... #STEEL2 #INTERNATIONAL #COMICBOOK #CREATEANDOWN #WHEREITALLSTARTED #DIRECTOR #DOITRIGHT
Posted by Larnell Stovall on Monday, November 9, 2015

And last but WAY far from least, German stunt and martial arts duo, Young Masters' own Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe and Felix Hideyoshi Ruwwe found themselves at an opportune time this year in the good hands of stunt coordinator Jacob Sebastian Malm. Their Turandot stage project put them in familiar space with Martial Club's own Andy Le and Du Au during their respective travels and accordingly, this meant finally putting a project together, now in the form of Poetry In Motion. Follow these four as they battle for the possession of an eccentric muse who doesn't mind immersing himself in the world's beauty, no matter how much it hurts!

Hope you all enjoyed this week's round up, and you better believe there's more to come. In the meantime, here's last week's Hit List if you so fancy it, and by all means, if you yourself are a kickass filmmaker with quality action for the masses, hit us up at!


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