THE HIT LIST - November 2, 2015

Welcome to another installment of The Hit List! This week is a lot lighter in content, which is sort of good for me in that I got to kick back a little more and relax over the weekend - to be honest, I kind of needed it too aftet neglecting myself last weekend what with all that's happening in Indonesia as of late.

At any rate, it's time to get the show going because this has week's plate is FULL to the hilt! First on our list of priorities are some brand new stunt reels and a video dedicated to a very special someone who passed away last month.

The first player below features a list of stunt and action reels by Ed Bossert, Johann Ofner, Kamen Casey, Adair Moran, Hannah Betts, Philippe Vonlanthen, Josh Romeo, Marc David, an intense and dramatic reel from filmmaker Ben Ramsey which also includes alluring new glimpses from the upcoming action short, Black Salt, and a cool new sizzle reel for David Crabtree's upcoming action comedy series, SMACK Unit.

The second comes by way of Thomas Dolans's own YouTube channel, now host to a new tribute video made in the wake of the sudden death of stuntman and traceur Basillio Quiet Montilla who died during a training accident late last month. A native New Yorker hailing from the Bronx, he is loved and lived on by many who have known him as a kind, generous and humble person who loved what he did and had a heartfelt and lasting impact on those who knew him closest.

Both embeds are available below, and for further information on how to help Montilla's family in their time of need, feel free to head here and contribute if you wish.

Up next, it's trailer time for this week's edition and there are two trailer to take note of. The first hails from actor and martial artist Will Yick now well underway with the release of season two of his action-packed miniseries, Disavowed. A recap is also available detailing a bit more about the series which focused on a government agent fighting for his life at the center of a brewing conspiracy by his top-level colleagues. Click HERE for the recap, and check out the series trailer below before heading to the channel to watch for yourself.

The second comes by way of actor and filmmaker Sophano Van who will be on hand for the screening of his latest fan film short, The Last Dragon 2: Leroy Goes To Hollywood. It's an indie love letter to the classic which will hit the screen this Saturday at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo in New York City among dozens of other shorts, followed by a ceremonial screening of the very classic itself, Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.

I had the opportunity to screen it for myself, thankfully. The acting leaves a lot to be desired in large part and it does get a little too silly, but if you loved the classic movie, then you'll surely appreciate what this has to offer. Much of the action is great to check out and actor Evan Copage is on point with a performance as the humble 'Master' himself that I presume even Taimak would be proud of. Take a look at the trailer:

THE LAST DRAGON TRAILER from sophano van on Vimeo.

Moving onward, this week's Fight List is a bit segmented but are full of morsels. The first playlist contains two Halloween-themed fights aired right before Saturday's festivities, one from EMC Monkeys and the other from CBR Stunts featuring Michaela Chernoch and Braxton McAllister, and an electrifying new one-take action sequence now host to Lunar Stunts for their latest episode of The Fighting Journey.

The second and third players below come by way of some of this year's mainstream network activity; The first comes from the YouTube channel for NBC which hosts various clips from its programs, namely The Player with actor Wesley Snipes at his best, followed by a clip getting a HUGE amount of buzz featuring Daniel Wu from the brand new AMC series, Into The Badlands, premiering November 15.

The fourth (hat tip to Twitchfilm) is a resurrected animated proof-of-concept for a live-action rendering of the animated classic, Ninja Scroll. Dracula Untold helmer Gary Shore directed the pitch with action sequences by 87 Eleven and animation by The Third Floor, and with Warner Bros. and Appian Way in possession of the rights as of 2008, and there's no telling when a live-action take will come to pass although I personally recommend someone more suited for handling an anime property to direct should this come to pass. Just my opinion.

Enjoy the goods!

Last but far from least, some long form content for the finish!

RWBY series creator Monty Oum may be gone, though his legacy is far opposite. The third season is here with our favorite quartet of fighting femmes from Beacon Academy as they compete to be the best in a world where supernatural evil still looms. The show is a multi-award winning feat and for reasons none other than what you simply need to see for yourself in case you're new to this phenomenon. And if you are, then kudos for making it this far. Enter the world of RWBY, and make sure to prioritize the playlist to catch up!

And finally, we can stop all the jive waitin', because it's time for a Film Combat Syndicate Exclusive! And like a haymaker to the funny bone in your jaw, creative duo Brett Stillo and Jose Montesinos are back with a second episode of the action comedy webseries, Sensitive 70's Turtleneck Tough Guys. Actress Jessica Etheridge joins star and director Montesinos as they re-live a bygone era that redefined and evolved a lot for its time, including duty, love and relationships...and most importantly, a man's sensitive side, and ain't nothin' wrong with that...


Last week's Hit List is still up for grabs if you haven't had enough action eye candy for your momentary enjoyment. Otherwise, support and subscribe to the channels above, and if you or someone you know makes amazing action movies, don't hesitate! Send us your links at!


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