THE HATEFUL EIGHT Gets A Final Trailer

Director Quentin Tarantino can speak for himself in any regard, especially when it comes to filmmaking. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Django Unchained and Resevoir Dogs are all alluring examples of just how impactful he is on set, which is why he's still releavant to this day.

Keep that in mind with the upcoming 70mm select release on Christmas for his newest gritty thriller, The Hateful Eight, having undergone quite a shift in scripting and structure following a leak last year that nearly endangered its production. And for this, we now have a brand new trailer for the film which is also releasing wide on January 8, with actors Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson and Walter Goggins among the cast and leaving a righteous impression here.

On that note, to whom this all regards, forget your grievances about Tarantino's politics as of late. You know you'll be at least renting this one digitally or buying on DVD and Blu-Ray because you know deep down you love a good Tarantino flick anyday, and that's what it really boils down to. So why not catch it on the big screen?

Watch the new trailer below!


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