TERRAFORMARS Gets A Second Teaser, And A Big Cockroach

Bearing in mind any past grievances folks may have had with regard to the popular manga, Terraformars, it now has a live action film worth considering as well. The first teaser introduced a few months back never really said much and the posters that were unveiled hinted a bit more of a nod to John Carpenter and Ridley Scott.

Fast forward up to November with a second teaser now making the rounds. It's more bustling with more faces and scenery, our intergalactic travelers suited up and ready to head to the breathable planet of Mars to save mankind from the very experiment now killing it: Giant cockroaches. And apparently they're lighting fast as fuck.

Miike Takashi directs this one, and suitably so as much as he's geared toward the starkly ambitious and bizzare. Yes, Terraformars suits him just fine.

Check it out below ahead of its April release next year!


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