SyFy Will Resurrect Van Helsing's Daughter For Television

If there is one thing the entertainment industry will never run out of, it's vampires! Take that however which way you choose, but it's up to SyFy as of this week to present just how that will go down with the trades now reporting that a female-led rendition of Van Helsing is on the way.
Long after its heyday in 2004 with Hugh Jackman starring in the feature at the time, THR reports that Neil LeBute will join as showrunner and executive producer among others for the new series which will focus on Vanessa, the daughter of the legendary vampire slayer and professor, who is resurrected five years into the future only to learn the world is overrun with vampires, and that it is she who stands as mankind's last hope against them. It's another milestone step forward for many studios now overseeing their own projects as they take on a female-centric formula.

A 13-episode production slate begins in January in Vancouver, British Columbia with Nomadic Pictures producing and distributing for the U.S. while Dynamic Television handles international sales.


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