Statham And Chasman Join Road Pictures For New Kidnapping Thriller

There's no question regarding action star Jason Statham's sustenance and especially with the help a strong fanbase. Hype especially plays a big role and for this, even talks of a possible third Crank film continue making the rounds.

Until then, sticking with the headlines is better suited so as to avoid confusion, so keep in mind previous reports of his forthcoming move to television with Layer Cake sequel series, Viva La Madness. Furthermore and much more to the point is Statham's newly reported attachment to an untitled action thriller he will produce with producer Steven Chasman, according to Screendaily.

The new film will be written by Kurt Wimmer who supplied the screenplay for the upcoming remake of Point Break opening next month, as well as a treatment for Salt 2. Statham will star as an ex-pat in Hong Kong who is joined by female high-level Chinese operative to solve a kidnapping case with global implications.

Statham and Chasman are producing through their SJ banner with Gongming Cai and Julien Favre of Road Pictures also producing with photography set to commence in the Fall of next year in Europe and China.

Further fandom and skepticism, however, dictates the unsettled question surrounding of Statham's hyped and hopeful return to his stint as fellow Expendable in Sylvester Stallone's said franchise. At any rate, the production will arrive with plenty of time after the actor films his scenes for F. Gary Gray's Fast And Furious 8 ahead of 2017.

Stay tuned!


  1. What is going on with the Statham and Tony Jaa film where they are navy seals fighting pirates on a ship..? I saw a poster for it earlier this year, but haven't heard a thing about it since..

    1. That one is still developing. I wouldn't sweat it though, it'll come to pass eventually.


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