STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Gets New Character Posters

Right about now you're on pins and needles if you've been pining to see J.J. Abrams's latest contribution to George Lucas's legacy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's okay, and very much forgivable seeing as how the film isn't due for another 35 days or so, with exception to the lucky bastards looking toward screenings just a few days before then; Speaking of, the word is that a terminally ill man and Star Wars superfan by the name of Daniel Fleetwood barely has a month or so to live and with any luck, in addition to endorsements from the cast, Walt Disney Pictures will oblige. Frankly anyone going through that amount of suffering is deserving of an early screening, so kudos to you, Daniel!

As for the rest of us, the film opens on December 18, and with the grand reception of the most recent trailer and poster comes a slew of new character posters to whet the appetite until then. Tickets are still available unless they're entirely bought out following the rampage of fandom crashing the internet for fans snagging tickets of their own for the last few weeks... I still haven't gotten mine so I'm pretty certain I won't be seeing this until toward or just after the New Year. At any rate, 'tis the season and the beginning of a brand new chapter in the Star Wars canon.

Check out the posters below!

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