Road Pictures Launches Film Fund, Slates Action Comedy US 66 For 2017

Several China companies are making a killing at the American Film Market this week, including Road Pictures. The company recently annonced its involvement with SJ Pictures for a new Jason Statham thriller now in the works from a script by Kurt Wimmer, and furthermore, happens to be one of a slew of projects to encompass the company's new first-round $50 million dollar Hollywood/China film production fund.

According to Variety, one other project newly announced as of Saturday includes US 66, to be produced in partnership with Kingsgate Films. Roger Avary is providing the script which will focus on a former Navy SEAL-turned-bodyguard forced on a wild road trip whilst protecting the incorrigible son of a Chinese billionaire. "The concept behind ‘US 66’ was to have Chinese and American protagonists who are of equal value," says Road Pictures founder Gongming Cai. "It will be a real physical and verbal culture clash, predominantly shot in English, except those parts of the story where Chinese is more appropriate.”

Casting is underway for a Fall 2016 production start with a 2017 release and Road Pictures's full involvement in its development and funding with help from private equity investors as its main backers.


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