REEDEMER Gets A Homecoming Release For Its Star!

I can't say much on why it took so long for Chile to finally get a release for director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza's most recent martial arts action thriller, Redeemer. Nevertheless, the film finally has a release set for December 3, and hopefully Chileans have taken heed to the good press this film has already gotten since its Fantastic Fest debut late last year.

And what's more, it's the native terriory of action star Marko Zaror who cut his teeth as a stuntman prior to blowing the lid off of Chilean martial arts action with films like Kiltro and MirageMan. Here, he's a badass vigilante on a self-destructive path of redemption which eventually takes an interesting turn when his past catches up, leading to an epic showdown in a barrage of fistcuffs and tornado kicks to the face.

All well and good, yes? And this is far from all we'll see from Zaror with other projects like Zambo Dende, The Green Ghost and whatever the martial arts star has in store which he hinted at in in our interview earlier this year. That was a blast.

Live in Chile and need a good flick to catch, watch the trailer below!


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