Over 100 Set Photos And 20 Minutes Of Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Pedring Lopez's New Action Horror, NILALANG

Director Pedring Lopez's latest action horror thriller, Nilalang, remains on deck for a similataneous local release on December 25 coinciding with this year's Metro Manila Film Festival installation. In the meantime, the promotional campaign continues for what looks to be deemed as a reinforcing milestone for former adult entertainer Maria Ozawa who is journeying toward a more career centric on serious roles.

How serious? Well, here she plays a Yakuza princess in Manila who unwittingly becomes entangled in an intense investigation of gory and supernatural serial killings alongside local film star, actor Cesar Montano in the role of the detective hot on the trail. How intense? Well, as about intense as it is serious, like "NSFW bondage and face ripping" serious. As in "Ozawa blazing up a bar and charging at a samurai with a sword" serious, thus making her action debut in spectacular fashion.

The most recent trailers are below in case you missed them. And, feel free to take a gander at a twenty-minute production diary along with several posters and well over 100 behind-the-scenes photos documenting up to fifteen filming days just beneath.

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