Julien Leclercq's THE CREW Gets An Explosive New Trailer

Writer and director Julien Leclercq just recently wrapped screenings for his latest crime thriller, The Crew at the American Film Market where sales agent SND Groupe M6 has been active in the film's presence. In the meantime, the film is due for a French release on January 20 next year and deals in an a climate of head-on collisions, storms of gun play and explosive action to stir the pot.

Yanis Zeri is one of the most talented armored-truck hijackers in Paris. Meticulous and brilliant, he always kept himself under the radar. His friends, Franck and Nasser, and his brother Amine are the only men he trusts to work with him. But for his newest coup, Yanis brings in an explosives expert, Eric. Everything goes according to plan. They hit the jackpot! But Amine is too greedy and makes a mistake that forces them to work for a powerful dealer. Their job: hijack a go-fast and take all the cash and drugs they can. If they fail, their families will suffer the consequences. The stakes never have been higher…

Sami Bouajila and Guillaume Gouix star. Watch the trailer below!


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