It's Every Woman For Herself In The New Teaser For Rob Hawk's FIGHT VALLEY!

Following its AFM acquisiton last week from Breaking Glass Pictures, Fight Valley has exploded online, and all in time for the definitive UFC bout this weekend between co-star Holly Holm and reigning champion Ronda Rousey. Pick a side for that epic saga in the octagon on Saturday, but here we're cheering on fellow UFC fighter Miesha Tate making her film debut as a professional fighter urged to help a young woman find her sister's killer.
When Tory Coro turns up dead, the neighborhood turns up silent. Rumor has it she became yet another victim of the streets of FIGHT VALLEY. Tory’s sister Windsor moves to town to begin her own investigation on her sister’s mysterious death. 
She’s quick to learn that Tory fought for money, just to make ends meet. If girl-next-door Windsor is going to survive her journey in FIGHT VALLEY to find the truth about Tory, she’s going to have to fight . 
“Jabs” (Miesha Tate) swore she would never throw a punch in the Valley again. Jabs now finds herself training Windsor to survive the painful, unexpected path she’s about to take. Every corner. Every alley. Every doorway. She must follow the last footsteps of her sister in order to come face-to-face with Tory’s killer in FIGHT VALLEY.
There's plenty to be said here for a director actively tapping into female fight caliber for cimematic potential in virtually the same capacity as is the WWE with professional wrestlers in the same segway. It's not for nothing either as the footage is all the proof you'll need to examine how well the likes of Tate and her fellow fight breed, Holm and Cris "Cyborg" Justiano will bode from top to bottom.

In that regard, we now have a teaser to give us a glimpse into what Hawk's hopeful preamble into a sequel will include. Thus, we get a seething Tate exploding on camera in her element, same-sex romance, drama and thrilling stunt work with our largely female line-up throwing down something fierce, and all packaged with a nicely fitting theme song in the backdrop.

If all these are your speed, chalk Fight Valley one up on your wishlist because it opens in the Spring. Watch the teaser below and stay tuned for more info!


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