It's A War Of Words And Wing Chun In The New Trailer For IP MAN 3

With the promise of a January 22 release of director Wilson Yip's Ip Man 3 in the U.S., folks in Hong Kong and China aren't too far off with film getting its day a month earlier this Christmas. Alas, this week's new trailer for the film comes just at the right time, and it may very well just be action star Donnie Yen's last foray in kung fu cinema, though time will tell if that changes.

For now though, we're taking it all in. The Ip Man trilogy from the Yip/Yen end of the spectrum has been nothing short of memorable for fans of the action star and its legendary co-stars past and present, even amidst criticisms of its lack of historical correctness in some capacity. Yuen Woo-Ping also joins in on the Wing Chun fun as the film's action director and for what it's worth, Ip Man 3 looks like it offers plenty of fun.

Mike Tyson, Bryan Leung, Simon Kuke, Danny Chan, Lynn Hung and Max Zhang also star.


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