It's Every Player For Himself In The New Trailer For SKAKMAT

Actor and action star Donny Alamsyah gets his turn with a leading role this month in director Ody C. Harahap's new action comedy, Skakmat. Perhaps aside the action with the laughs in mind is the impression left by actress Hannah Al-Rashid as one of the villains next to Cecep Arif Rahman in a big hat. Lots of screaming, kicking and punching here, and it's all in good fun.

Jamal (Tanta Ginting), a professional driver, gets a $10,000 offer from Ivan with the requirement that he should accompany Dito (Donny Alamsyah) to an address that has been written on a letter. Strangely, Dito gives Jamal a gun and handcuffs. Jamal doesn't care, because he is interested in the $10,000 that was prepaid. Apparently, Jamal is trapped in Dito's Checkmate Adventure that is run by High Land Boss (Cecep Arif Rahman) and Mami Tuti (Hanah Al Rasyid) who want to kill him. Dito is chased because he proposes to break open an international heroin cell which is found in candy and chooses kids as victims. The choice between Dito, Jamal, High Land Boss, and Madam Tuti makes their journey so challenging and bloody. But Dito is a hand-to-hand expert because he can win [or use] against his rivals. In the end, Jamal and Dito can change the checkmate position and report the real criminal to the police.
November 26 is the date to catch this one. Watch the trailer below!


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