Is A WOLF WARRIOR Sequel Coming?

If you didn't mind contributing to the blockbuster success or nationalistic fervor of Wu Jing's solo directorial debut, Wolf Warrior back in Spring, then you will be happy to learn that a sequel is now on the way. Asian Film Strike is now buzzing that Wu will return to direct as well as star alongside actress Yu Nan once more with action choreographer Li Chung-Chi likely to return to direct the action.

The first film saw Wu in the role of an insubordinate PLA sniper whose second chance at being a soldier with the help of an elite squad commander, played by Yu, is tested to its ultimate when a local crimeboss with nefarious plans sends in foreign mercenaries after him to avenge his brother's death. The film, which pits Wu against martial arts star Scott Adkins for the first time on screen, was one of the more recent and physically demanding productions for Wu in recent years, working under intense and grueling conditions which no less aimed at echoing the uphill struggles and challenges of a PLA soldier.

Moreso, the film also contributed to a number of minor and accumulating injuries which nearly ended his career in action cinema before getting back on the mend, and gladly, Wu has since recovered. As for the film itself upon its pro-longed post production process for its 3D release back in April, I had my own opinions about it aside from the attention it drew as documented by its box-office gross of up to almost $90 million dollars at the time.

Lv Jianmin of Chinqiu Time Co. is said to be on board to produce the film which is reportedly being set in an African country next to other details now pending.

Wu is currently slated for Well Go USA's own theatrical and digital release for SPL 2: A Time For Consequences, which also stars Tony Jaa, Simon Yam and Max Zhang. 2016 also marks the next of Wu's expected appearances in Benny Chan's Qing Dynasty period actioner, The Deadly Reclaim, followed by the October release of Chunming Shi's directorial debut reuniting Wu with the legendary Sammo Hung for Guangzhong Hong Quan.

We'll learn more in the weeks and months ahead into next year, so stay tuned!


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