HIT LIST HEADS-UP: Watch The Trailer For Kiyun Sung's Award-Winning Short, THE DESTINED KING

Following independent action will take you in a direction ripe with tons of treats, and even the very people behind them. I say this having just reunited over the weekend with filmmaker and action choreographer Joey Min who has been writing at Film Combat Syndicate off-and-on this year, and even contributing a review for this year's Well Go USA release, Park Heung-Sik's Memories Of The Sword, which I think is quite fortuitous in the wake of his most recent festival acclaim, The Destined King.

The film hails from Baek Ho Productions from producer and filmmaker Kiyun Sung and is the first Korean fusion-historical short film shot entirely in the U.S., and whatever the case may be, The Destined King had a great fight director on its hands to add to its stunning story and backdrop. It's got intertwining drama, romance and tragedy with a scope clearly geared for fans ardent of period Korean cinema, with performances by Hugh Hyung-Jin Cha, Christopher Kim and Mihee Choe, and lead actress Elly Ji-Hye Han who definitely puts a smile on your face.

If you know how the formula for these kinds of stories go, you won't be surprised - rather all the same however, you'll be delighted when it releases online this summer. At ten minutes, the film has already made waves during this year's festival circuit with Asians Of Film in its honorable mention for Best Action/Adventure, just this weekend where it won Best Short Film Award at the Urban Action Showcase, and there are more festival confirmations lying in wait; Rest assured, this one will suit the fanbase just fine in 2016, guaranteed.

Follow the story of the veteran warrior, Yushin (Hugh Cha), as he flees from the carnage of political chaos with an infant born with the destiny of a King. However, he must first confront his former student, Sanggun (Christopher Kim), who will go to any length to ensure that the throne is his and his alone.
Check out the latest trailer below and four exclusive stills from the film and stay tuned for more info!


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