Hey Reseda! Come Train With 'THE RAID 2' Co-Star Cecep Arif Rahman!

It's pretty safe to say that actor Cecep Arif Rahman is building quite the fanbase, so I reckon any opportunity that aspiring athletes would have to train with him might be a no-brainer. Take that into consideration between now and next Monday, because a new flyer is circulating for a seminar he'll be giving at Joining All Movement in Reseda, California:

Rahman, who catapulted to cult fame in last year's sequel hit, The Raid 2 and will soon appear in Ody C. Harahap's latest, Skakmat, is also up for a role in Kellie Madison's new series pending, The Gate, opposite actress Amy Johnston, as well as an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens next month.


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