HARD TARGET 2 Hunts Down Scott Adkins In A New Photo

At least one upside to a small-scale sequel is the potential to lend something grand to its worthiness for the targeted niche. Take this into consideration when pondering just what the circumstances are for The Admiral director Roel Reine's forthcoming installment, Hard Target 2, as you might have easily wondering why the action star of the original first, Jean-Claude Van Damme isn't returning.

That may seem disheartening at first, but at news now circulating this week of newly cast Doctor Strange co-star, action star Scott Adkins leading the film may calm the nerves a bit. Adkins is in Thailand leading the cast TBA with action sequences by stunt coordinator and Master Kawee "Seng" Sirikhanaerut, whose credits include the 2004 remake of Thai action classic, Born To Fight, Julien Seri's Le Fils Du Vent and Chito S. Roño's Boy Golden to name a few. On that note, the actor presented the film's official first photo a few days ago:

The film adds yet another producer credit to film legend John Woo's resumé long after helming the 1994 predecessor while Woo maintains his current career direction going into a return to modern action filmmaking with legal thriller, Manhunt, and a remake of the 1989 Hong Kong classic, The Killer. In the meantime, Adkins, following the completion of his latest assassin thriller, Eliminators, remains on location for the film's setting as per the story's journey through Thailand and Burma with our lead star, no less, as the man leading point in a deadly survival game of his own.

The film is pretty fitting considering Adkins has always modeled his career after that of action stars of the last forty years like Don Wilson and Michael Jai White, and especially Van Damme with whom he shares appearances of up to four titles. That said, the prospects of watching Adkins take the reigns is pretty reassuring, especially for fans. How the story here will be handled, of course, is another factor to weigh for talk further on.

Adkins's latest action thriller, Close Range, releases in theaters and on VoD this December next to Wych Kaosayanada's Zero Tolerance ahead of William Kaufman's Jarhead 3: The Siege next year. Stay tuned for more info.


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