Come Learn How To Kick Ass And Get Paid With Stunt Coordinator JAMES LEW This Saturday!

Fresh off of making a splash at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo last weekend, actor, martial artist and stunt coordinator James Lew (Big Trouble In Little China, Best Of The Best, The Perfect Weapon, The Martial Arts Kid, Underdog Kids) will be hosting a seminar in Whitestone, New York's Nubreed Martial Arts on Saturday, November 14. It's his first ever stunt school seminar and in lieu of his forthcoming work on Marvel/Netflix series, Luke Cage, following his recent contribution to CBS series, Rush Hour, as well as Ben Ramsey's UASE shortfilm premiere, Black Salt in which he plays a Shaolin abbot.

So, consider this a good time to be in the neighborhood with a cinematic legend who clearly hasn't stopped and probably won't for a long, long time if ever. If you want to be in films and perform stunts and martial arts for the camera, this would be a good step forward. Take note of the flyer below with all the details and get your butts to Whitestone!


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