Brian De Palma To Switch LIGHTS OUT For Aurora

It was back in September that China-based Huace Pictures and LA/Sydney-based Arclight Films jointly launched Aurora Alliance Films. A figure to the tune of $300 million dollars came attached with this venture and it just so happens that first on its list of planned high-concept movies has since nabbed a director.

Variety brings word of filmmaker Brian De Palma, whose resumè which includes Scarface, Carrie and Carlito's Way is one that speaks for itself. Replacing previously-announced Hitman helmer Xavier Gens, De Palma will now direct the new film, Lights Out, which sees an unsuspecting female protagonist who happens to be blind, caught in an a dangerous plot to expose a high level assassination program, forcing her to use her other senses to fight for her survival.

Casting is currently underway for principle roles, including a Chinese lead with a script by Jeff Byrd and Lamont Magee, and Huace Media, Aurora Alliance, Arclight, and Toronto-based The Film Farm producing.


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