Big Guns, Bill Goldberg And Many Points In The New Trailer For CHECK POINT

Director Thomas J. Churchill's latest, Check Point, has already made a few rounds at Comic-Con in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is now rolling out its official trailer for the public to see. I haven't seen former wrestler-turned-actor Bill Goldberg in a while so it's nice to see him back on screen along with the likes of actress Michelle Lee and William Forsythe.

“Check Point” is set in the mood of today's headlines when a vagrant discovers a sleeper terrorist cell is in a small town where everyone knows one another, or so they think they do.  As justice seems lost, as an insurgent attack threatening to escalate into a full-blown US invasion, a team of unlikely heroes must rise up to fight the enemy and protect their country from the most unlikely enemy "ourselves"... Facing the obstacles of a closed-knit community, they each find inner strength and determination as their only choice.  Whether an insurgent sleeper cell, or a lone individual with a gun, heroism is seldom sought out, it merely is the way someone finds the depth of character to do the right thing, at any cost.
Actor Kenny Johnson leads the cast for this one and the trailer looks like it offers something meaty for action fans for next year.

Take a look below!


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