Alexander Nevsky's Action Debut, BLACK ROSE, Gets A New International Trailer

Following its 2013 trailer and subsequent release in Russia early last year, a new trailer has surfaced for actor Alexander Nevsky's directorial debut, Black Rose. The film arrives in the wake of a fantastic career in bodybuilding for Nevsky who has since self-founded his own studio, Hollywood Storm, with the added benefit of being dubbed as the Russian Schwarzenegger for action fans today, and rightly so.

Actress Kristanna Loken joins Nevsky with a story that centers on a Russian police major recruited by the LAPD to catch a sadistic serial killer. You might not have gotten that from the first trailer which focuses on a much more action-oriented narrative, but the new footage now online as of last week fleshes out more of a concentrated and cerebral tone in its formula to accomodate the action that ensues. However, for the sake of discretion, let's put it this way: two kickass heroes, a masked killer, murder, mystery, and yes, you even get Robert Davi as well as Matthias Hues of I Come In Peace fame in on the mix, which is always awesome.

At any rate, the film just made a great showing at the American Film Market last week. Chalk that up as another mark for Nevsky in lieu of more movies to come, including Mark Dacascos's Showdown In Manila, and their subsequent reunion in the upcoming action comedy, Maximum Impact.

In the meantime, Black Rose is on the way and its new international trailer should leave a deserving impression.


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