Watch The New Teaser For Pascal Aka's New Tactical Thriller, INTERCEPTION

For a while now I've had my eye off-and-on the Ivory Coast's own Pascal Aka, multi-faceted actor and director in Africa who's done quite a bit of work on several projects. One thing is especially certain in my attention here, and it's that he's got his feet well into shooting action sequences while continually sharpening his craft.

That stated, the latest teaser for his next feature, Interception starring John Dumelo, delivers some notable and striking tones for the kind of film it intends to be judging by the limited imagery: tactical armed drama with intense action simpler terms to say the least. It looks like a quality picture so far, so I'm intrigued.

INTERCEPTION is a law enforcement based movie about a tactical team of highly trained ex-military men (Special Ops Team) who have been handpicked from the Army by the Vice President of Ghana for special assignments. 
The movie follows the team’s lives and work as they are assigned to track down an illegal arms dealer, Nneru Obajinzi, whose shipment was intercepted by the Customs, Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS) while in transit in Ghana. The consignment was on its way to a country called Gemora for the opposition leader to use to stage a coup. 
After the shipment is intercepted, Nneru Obajinzi contacts a rogue Ghanaian businessman Johnny ‘Matador’ Quaynor, to assist him retrieve the consignment; after which, he arrives in Ghana on a private plane, and is later joined by the Opposition Leader, Cobi Lotha, to ensure that the goods are retrieved and forwarded to Gemora. 
The Special Ops Team is able to track down and capture the men but at the expense of the safety of some of their team mates.
The teaser launched a few days ago but if this is the first you're hearing of it, take a stab at it and check it out below, and follow the movie on Facebook if you fancy it.


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